Laser Rangefinder Brand Comparisons and Thoughts Video

Comparing Laser Rangefinder Brands – Comparisons and Thoughts

Over the last 3 years I’ve tried and tested the current rangefinders from all the major manufacturers. We do some laser rangefinder brand comparison, and produce a collection of short opinions from me, based on my personal experience. I have a more detailed review of the Vortex and Leica units, as they are the two I take into the field most frequently.

When you buy a rangefinder there are three key things you will pay for

1. How far does it actually go?

Most Optics companies will quote you 1000 yards on a 500 yard range finder. Or 500 yards on a 175 yard unit. This is because they are testing in optimal conditions. I don’t know about you, but I rarely hunt in the perfect conditions and I’m usually ranging rocks or deer rather than huge reflective test signs. Always treat your maximum rating as just that: the maximum possible through that unit.

2. Does it calculate angle?

Vortex Ranger 1000 Laser Range FinderDifferent people will value this differently. Some rangefinder’s have an internal inclinometer that allows them to calculate the slope between you and your target. Essentially, if you shoot at a steep enough angle gravity will have less effect on your projectile than your rangefinder estimates. We’ll have a feature article to explain how this is applicable for specific shooting in mountains or valleys.

3. Is the display illuminated?

Some of the best hunting happens at first and last light. For me, an LCD display can be easy to lose sight of in that environment because you’re essentially looking at black on black. But the best rangefinders use a red LED inside to illuminate your crosshairs and range for easier reading. The best of these have variable brightnesses to make sure those details don’t get washed out if your coyote hunting at high noon. Some high end units, (like the Swarovski) have great glass but are held back by the dimness of their display.

Watch the Laser Rangefinder Brand Comparisons and Thoughts Video

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