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Vortex Binocular Warranty: A Game Changer in the Optics Industry “Lifetime, Transferable, No Hassle”

Binoculars are a lifetime purchase. Their the sort of thing that gets bought once every 10-25 years on average, and once you have them, you’re pretty much set. Unless of course they get dropped. Or the kids take them for a swim in the lake. Or a mirror falls out of alignment. What happens then? […]

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Understanding Binocular Pricing: How the Law of Diminishing Returns Applies to Binocular Quality

How much do you really need to spend on a pair of binoculars? In our article on choosing your first pair of binoculars, we examined the three base components of a binocular: the mirror, the lens and the quality of glass. From there, we learned that the quality of glass establishes the biggest difference in […]

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Roles and Tasks: Where Different Binocular Sizes Shine

Here we will go over some common uses for binoculars and which mirror and lens sizes fit best for each of those applications. Binocular sizes vary widely so if you need help determining what each number means, read our How to Choose Binoculars Beginner’s Guide. Hunting: Almost all hunters need binoculars. Observing through a riflescope […]

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How to Choose Binoculars: A Beginners Guide

Binoculars are certainly a crucial tool for any outdoorsman. Although their basic technology dates back centuries, the ability to see beyond the range of the naked eye is immensely valuable. Some people use binoculars for their work, others when hiking in the outdoors, or sometimes just to watch the boats in the bay. Because there […]

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